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DSC_8763 DSC01974 Alex Rtificial

Has always been a bit of a nomad. Born in St. Catharines Ontario, Canada, she has lived in Victoria, BC, Port Alice, BC, on Vancouver Island, Prince George, BC, Vancouver, BC, and most recently in Fort St. John, BC, where she worked as an HSE (health, safety and environment) professional for the oil and gas exploration and production industry. Danielle loves to cook, dive, golf, quilt and be crafty (like with paper and glue and stuff...not like schemey...).

Alex was born in 1995 in Fort St. John BC and he was a huge part of the Boiled Frog team! Now he's back in Canada launching his video production company in Ontario. We miss him! Especially the way he used to cut the grass!

Is just a farmer.  Born in Dawson Creek, BC.  Raised not far from there in the Mennonite farming community of Flatrock, Steve spent the bulk of his life working the family farm.  He later earned his keep as a production operator in the oil and gas industry and from there graduated to a role as a health and safety advisor.  Prior to coming to St. Lucia he was a regional manager for the oil and gas industries safety association. He lives to golf, loves the sun and the sand and you may not see him much cuz he’ll be hidden away somewhere writing a best seller...ok it hasn’t sold yet, ok isn’t written yet, but there’s always hope...

Sasha was also born in Fort St. John, BC but in 1998.  Sasha loves music, art, writing, soccer, hockey, golf, squash and rolling in the surf. If Sasha wasn't in Norway studying Musical Theatre at the moment, you would likely find him curled up on the deck with his computer and if a hurricane happened to roll through you would have to tell him cuz he’d probably be oblivious.





Sash Norway
Kieran profile

Kieran (aka Pod)

Born in 2010, Kieran decided he wanted a head start and came two month early ... we still haven't caught up. You'll see Pod running outside with the puppies or collecting coconuts. He'll welcome you on your arrival and give you his own version of the Boiled Frog tour. He loves lego, MineCraft and his stuffies.


Barb and Dave snowbird at The Frog and you will find them here hiding from the snow and fridgid temperatures back home in Canada.  Dave is a paint brush wielding pirate and if there are sweet treats to be had, it will likely mean the Barb has been creating in the kitchen.

The G'rents


Security Detail

Zeus joined our family as a puppy just 4 months after we landed and now is an integral part of the team. He is Pod's best friend and our early warning system, letting us know when guests arrive and there to wag his tail goodbye when they leave. You may hear him at night defenting us from the cats, but mostly he's just a big softy and LOOOOOves his guests. Carla & Corey are both rescue dogs that we adopted from St Lucia's animal protection society (SLAPS).

SLAPS Kitties

"Soft kitty, warm kitty ..." (couldn't help it). We have a varying number of cats at The Frog and they are our non-toxic form of rodent control. Plus they are entertaining and cuddly!

The Cats